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How does Omega Prize Supplements work?

Omega Prize Supplements goal is to fund the Omega Prize Foundation. The Omega Prize Foundation raises funds for prizes to cure diseases.

While modern medicine has come a long way in developing treatments for many of the diseases plaguing humanity, it has fallen short when it comes to developing cures. The unfortunate truth is that research is expensive and eradicating disease isn’t a sustainable business model. Biotech firms that deliver expensive treatments over the course of a patient’s lifetime in order to manage a chronic disease prosper, while those aiming to deliver one-time cures have little potential to make money and therefore struggle to find funding.

By offering large lump sum prizes for cures we aim to motivate the medical industry (particularly start-ups, small businesses, and universities) who would otherwise struggle to acquire funding, to shift their focus to finding cures by making it financially viable for them to do so. 

How long does supplement shipping take?

Shipments for all Omega Prize Supplements are free, but can take between 5 to 10 days domestically in the US, and 14-21 days internationally.

We encourage a monthly subscription to ensure the supplements are delivered just when you need them, plus it ensures the prize money for the cure of your choice gets the funding it needs.

What is Omega Prize return policy?

We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your supplements. If you are dissatisfied with your supplement, please return it to the address below for a full refund.

260 1st Ave S, Suite 200 #56

Saint Petersburg, FL 33701